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Caramelized Onion, Feta, and Spinach Pizza

What's for Dinner Moms?

Day 44 –  My daughter had her graduation ceremony for community college yesterday. It was held virtually. She was so proud of herself because she has always struggled in school but she graduated with honors AND Phi Theta Kappa distinction. She would have had cords and she was so looking forward to this. We made it as special as we could by ordering a cake, ordering sushi (her go to for celebrations), and making a sign for our yard. The ways we are celebrating are different but maybe that is good. Things had gotten way over the top in some cases. Carnivals and elaborate parties for little children’s birthdays. Trips for older children who are graduating from middle school or high school. These are all wonderful and nice but sometimes we lose the reason we are celebrating in the celebration.

We had sushi at home and a small cake from…

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Bacon And Mushroom Pizza With Some Extra’s

How I Cook — by Graham Stewart

AB67C751-C359-44B0-A0CE-E48931A195CF043EF9AB-4E05-49E4-BBC1-58ACA2F7ED0BWhen I was getting the ham bone out of the freezer I noticed I had some bacon also. My wife suggested I should make bacon and mushroom pizza since I had 4 mushrooms left in the fridge. It was a great idea, I haven’t had a bacon and mushroom pizza for years. Normal for us is pepperoni and mushroom and ham and pineapple for my wife. Since I have to play with food I just had to add a little extra to it. My wife’s got thin sliced tomato and diced red onion, mine black olives and diced red onion. Pizza is something that you can really play with an add all kinds of different things. Golden rule for any pizza is less is more. If you start adding things you need to cut back on other things, to much on a pizza you end up with a bad pizza…

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