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Kingdom of Italy

(This is my site icon so I thought I would head it up to the top of my page. I am a student of European and world histories. From time to time, I will post pages from well known websites about histories. I don’t know if heralds and coats of arms and flags will be with every post. I just love heralds and flags and coats of arms so much, I like to publish them over my blog sites. The significance of Italian symbols and heralds of history (or otherwise European) is for that I am descendant of Italy and Europe. That’s about it. So onward with my short introduction. I rarely have much to say I will admit….) 

I am happy to begin a new blog site today (December 19, 2019) because I have three other blogs, which you can refer to here and they are also in use, but not a single blog seems to be comprehensive to all the posts that I can make. This is because — I like to reblog mostly recipes for delicious dishes, but also some articles from time to time.

I can’t say I have ever put my hand to writing down a “thoughts” blog, which I have always wanted to do. (This is because I am a writer.) But I can never get around to it. So you will find very few thoughts on my blogs and probably also on this one.

This first post is also to remind you to please visit my other blogs ~ their links are on the sidebar ~ just click through and find more recipe reblogs! 


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