Lasagne with Grilled Eggplants and Ricotta

Polenta & Baccalá


Finally there are a lot of good eggplants now…I use to wait this season to prepare one of my favorite recipes: Parmigiana di melanzane 🙂

But I try to fry as less as possible, so I’m not doing it so often 🙂

This is a very good alternative, the grilled eggplants are lighter than the fried ones (although different) and also the ricotta is lighter than mozzarella (cow ricotta is made with whey so it has much less fats than mozzarella).

If you would like you could use some bechamel sauce, but that makes it a bit heavier.

In this case instead of buying an industrial ricotta I opted for a local artisanal Orda, which is a local product here in Hungary, very similar to the ricotta and it’s made with whey too (avoid instead the local tùrò, which is often mistaken as a substitute of the ricotta…

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