Two Sandwiches

Toothpick Tales

Well, Thanksgiving’s just around the corner and you know
what that means…

Bánh mì and Cheesesteak sandwiches!

Yes, it’s an odd pairing and no, it has nothing to do with

Once again, “Necessity” grabbed hold of the wheel of invention and I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Working on Saturdays disrupts my rhythm and I usually wind up feeling out of sorts as I head back home from work. I didn’t have anything in particular planned for dinner, since this particular Saturday was more like a regular weekday for me. That changed when I learned that we were expecting guests for dinner. While I was still at work, I recalled what was in my refrigerator. We had a small pork loin and a some thinly sliced beef. Both cuts of meat had been in the refrigerator for several days and they would spoil within a day or…

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Author: redcrosse10999

I am a writer. My works are featured and sold at through book sales. I have a few locations where I can be found on the internet but no website per se for any good reason of my works yet. Principally, following me on to Facebook (at, links visitors to other sites that are basically the same redundancy as the Facebook location. I hope to have a website someday, but that isn't in my immediate plans at this time. (Meanwhile, you may visit my other blogs at both -- which is a Blogger site by Google & also at -- which is another native of WordPress, which I believe may also be a Google company. But my Facebook page has a sidebar link set that will help you navigate to other pages which may or may not be included links on any of these (interesting) blogs. Have a happy day! (I wish I had an emoji for this bio. Very little else is interesting with me.)

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