Authentic Italian Pasta Carbonara Recipe – The Roman Traditional Dish

Authentic Italian Recipes from Nonna Box

We all know Italians are famous for their pasta dishes. From spaghetti to gnocchi, from marinara sauce to Bolognese sauce, Italians know how to make pasta! One of the most widely known and loved Italian pasta recipes is Carbonara.

It may be surprising but Carbonara is actually a rather recent Italian dish that has spread quickly in popularity. Simple to prepare and delicious to eat, everyone should have an easy pasta Carbonara recipe in their cookbook.

History of Carbonara

It is hard to date back the exact origin of pasta Carbonara recipe. However, there are several theories on where and how Carbonara was first created and how got its name. Consisting of egg, hard cheese, pancetta, pepper and pasta, Carbonara may have an elusive history but the ingredients are almost always the same.

Alla carbonara means “coal workers style’ and it is thought that this hearty dish was a…

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