Sfincione di Bagheria

Polenta & Baccalá


Here we are in Sicily again, with another special and particular type of pizza/focaccia 🙂

I have already wrote a post about the most famous Sfincione (symbol of the city of Palermo), this instead is a traditional recipe of the town of Bagheria.

This is also not a light recipe, and it’s something traditionally eaten during feasts, but nowadays it is made all year long. And it’s really tasty!

It is a very rich recipe, with a lot of good cheese and other typical Sicilian flavors.

The cheese that is usually used is the tuma or the primosale, which are the first and second stage of maturation of the Pecorino cheese. Someone use to add also fresh sheep ricotta, but I think it’s rich enough also without 🙂




  • 300 g flour (Manitoba if you have, or some strong flour)
  • 150 g durum flour, “semola rimacinata di…

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