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Guac Stuffed Chicken

Guacamole stuffed chicken breast is extra delicious served with your favourite sides
Guacamole stuffed chicken breast is extra delicious with sides like stir fried potatoes, peppers, baked beans, salsa and sour cream

Baking chicken breasts stuffed with guacamole is a very easy way to look like a champ in the kitchen. Baked chicken breast, either bone-in or boneless is I believe THE fundamental skill in the kitchen. Those who come to cooking late in life need to know how to bake chicken breasts first and foremost if they want to start feeding themselves and those they love. This versatile protein is probably the most popular choice the world over. Once you’ve mastered the simple breast bake the next obvious step is to start stuffing your chicken with delicious sides. It’s the easiest way I know to add variety to the menu… and look like a hero!

Having said all that, it’s an obvious next step to combine the world’s most popular side…

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